Build the next generation of intelligent applications using cloud-based data science.

Solve complex problems, tell stories with data, and create the power to decide.


Choose from our extensive library of data harvesters, data science modules, and visualization widgets.

Deliver beautiful apps with our web and mobile application framework.

Solve your complex business challenges using advanced Data Science.

Social Listening

Tap into social networks and understand what your customers are saying, how they feel, and what they intend to do.

Media and Large-scale News Analysis

Track, Analyse, and Enrich massive amounts of media content in real-time.

Financial Intelligence

Make sense of massive amounts of financial conversations, mainstream news, social data and much more.

Events and Sensors

Real-time analytics and visualization of log,
sensor, event and time-stamped data

Intellectual Property

Real-time tracking of intellectual property, patents, and commercialised research.

Environmental Modelling

Environmental modelling and climate change tracking applications.

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We build and manage your Big Data Applications using our cloud-based Data Science & Visualization Platform.

We have the building blocks you need to
quickly deliver complex Big Data applications.

Harvest Data
Harvest data from thousands of sources including internal systems and external sources such as news, blogs, forums, and social media.
Add Meaning
Detect signals in real-time using intelligent algorithms. Understand emotions, intentions, sentiment, themes, entities, keyphrases, and networks.
Tell Stories
Visualize insights so you can search, sift, and filter through your data. Choose from 100s of Visualizations.
Sift and Filter
Use the powerful Search and Analytics capabilities of our platform to sift and filter in real-time.
Detect Networks
Explore networks, discover connectedness, betweenness, and outliers in real-time.
Make Predictions
The Augify Prediction Engine enables you to make predictions about what may happen in the future.

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