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Find out how people feel and what they are saying right now

Tap into human conversations by aggregating data from thousands of sources including blogs, news, forums, Twitter and Facebook.  Analyze this information for human signals such as “buy,” “sell,” “complain,” and “recommend,” among other intentions, emotions, and sentiment. Explore real-time data through interactive data visualizations 

that enable you to search, sift, and filter through massive amounts of information. Let us know your data-related needs and we will set it all up for you — without you having to write a single line of code. We deliver a cloud-based data science platform that is easy and simple for anyone to use.

What stocks are people planning to buy or sell?

How do people feel about Nike Frees in London vs. New York?

Who are the top influencers in the auto industry?

What are the hottest smartphone features people are talking about?


“Real-time Actionable Insights”

Aggregate Data

Aggregate data from thousands of different sources including internal databases and external sources such as news, blogs, forums, and social media channels.

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Detect Human Signals

Detect signals such as emotions, intentions, sentiment, themes, entities, keyphrases, and networks -- which can all be explored based on geographies, time, and more.

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Visualize Insights

These signals are visualized into interactive snapshots of insights so you can search, sift, and filter through your data. Augify's data visualizations are tailored to suit each data type.

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Thousands of Connectors

Augify has thousands of data connectors and can ingest data from internal sources such as databases, e-mail systems and chat rooms, as well as external sources such as news sites, blogs, forums, and social media channels.

Real-time Analysis

Gain "as-it-happens" insights. The moment data is ingested into Augify's data store, it is immediately analyzed for signals such as emotions, intentions, sentiment, themes, and more so you can explore insights in real-time.

Tap into Unstructured Data

Over 95% of the digital universe today is unstructured data. Are you tapping into this wealth of knowledge? Structured data is the tagged, defined information that fits neatly into columns and rows. Unstructured data is the more complex, undefined information that doesn't fit so neatly into a spreadsheet and often consists of free-form text. We believe that the most powerful insights lie in unstructured information, which is why Augify's algorithms have been developed to shed light on this lesser-known area.

Easy Set Up


Select Sources

Select the sources relevant to your business with content worthy of analysis. Are they auto industry blogs? Entertainment news sites? Finance forums and chat rooms? Tweets? Facebook statuses? Instagram photos? We can help you with this if you let us know what your end goal is.


Select Analyzers

Select the analyzers to apply to these sources. Are you interested in "buy," "sell," "complain," or "recommend" intentions? Are you interested in positive and negative sentiment? Or peaks and troughs in volume over time of emotions related to "risk" and "confidence?


Select Visualizations

We will recommend visualizations that best suit the data at hand, but we are also always open to your input. Maps are best suited to highlight geographies, for instance, while bar charts are best suited to illustrate volume over time.


Ready to Use Data Science Platform

Finally, we package all of your selections into a full cloud-based Data Science and Visualization platform ready to use with a simple login. No hardware required. No coding needed.

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Blog Posts

“The only comprehensive data analytics platform out there for unstructured data. A true one-stop-shop.”

Emotions Drive Markets. Understand Human Behavior to Predict Markets. Augify is Data Science made easy.

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